07 – 10 August

In the middle of the south tyrolean mountains, we want to build a small temporary universe of sound, vision and interaction. We would like to invite you to experience the third edtion of our beloved Sinstruct Festival.

Sinstruct is an experiment put together by ambitious volunteers with backgrounds in various fields of artistic expression. The aim is to create - together with active participation of the audience - a platform for contact, inspire and exchange between those fields.

L’art pour l’art!

The Location

Sinstruct festival takes place at the Gampen Pass, close to the little community Unsere liebe Frau im Walde, South Tyrol. The location is situated at an altitude of 1500 m between mystic woods and flowery meadows. Additionally, there is an abandoned cave and the underground Gampen Gallery inside an old bunker.

There will be several areas and spots where installations, concerts, performances and visual exhibitions will take place. Some spots are hidden and challenging to discover, others are used for singular happenings.

The Programme

Sinstruct lives and arises from diversity. From a dynamic system of relations between environment, audience and artists. With our programme we want to free ourselves from borders and provide some modest impulses.

These impulses want to encourage the routined ways of consumption, marketing and forms of presentation of art. The Idea is to reinterpret, within our small frame of possibilities, the network of relations between the involved entities in the circus of performing arts.

Together with you we would love to explore an open spectrum of artistic possibilities and impossibilities. We would like to invite you to join discourse and debate. To see and listen to genius colliding with dilettantism.

We’d like to offend, to gently stroke, to provocate, dance, to critically question. Together, we want to experiment, to destroy, stand on our heads, create, put our foot down, to excite, to submerge, to rise, lose ourselves, travel and to arrive.